My Plan to Work Full Time and Improve at Golf

Do you envy professionals because they can practice every day. I believe I could dramatically reduce my handicap practicing 8 hours a day, but my family may not be happy if I quit my job.  That dilemma is what most of us face.  You and I have full-time jobs, but we also want to keep improving.  Good news, I believe we can improve even with full-time jobs!

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Most of us heard this quote from Ben Franklin, and most of us understand it.  However, have you created an improvement plan to decrease your handicap?  I hadn’t created one either.  I went to the range and tried to get better, but I didn’t have a clear idea what “get better” meant.  I also didn’t focus on the areas that would lead to the most improvement.  Now, I will follow step 2 of my improvement approach and build a quality plan.

30 minutes a day will change my handicap. It may not bring me to single-digits this summer, but I can easily get to 14.  I won’t cut back time with my wife or kids because they are too much fun, but I waste 30 minutes hitting snooze or playing on my iPhone.  I know I can commit to 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.  Sounds too simple.  However, I remember watching Hank Haney tell Rush Limbaugh to make 100 swings a day, and Rush made significant improvement in a short amount of time.  100 swings take about 30 minutes.  I will employ even better learning theories from recent neuroscience research in my next blog to maximize my 30 minutes.

Planning to spend 30 minutes a day isn’t a detailed enough plan. I get 5 days a week, so I should break down what I will do on each of those days.  I intend for 1 day to be a round of golf on the course or on my optishot.  I need to split the other 4 among specific golf skills.  Here are my current stats to help determine where to spend time.

Time Period Fairways Greens in Regulation Scrambling Putting
May 2015-Present 42% 17% 10% 1.9 per hole


My stats show ok fairways and putting. I have the biggest opportunity for improvement in GIR and Scrambling.  Having that information, I won’t spend extra time with full swing drivers.  My plan will be:


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Break 30 Minutes on Full Swing 30 minutes putting Break 30 Minutes Chipping or Pitching Golf Round (optishot or course) or 30 minutes Full Swing 30 Minutes Full Swing or Golf Round


I now have a plan. I can follow a schedule and put in the time.  I believe the time can reduce my handicap to 14 by the end of the season.  The time is now to make improvements, and I encourage you to follow my progress.  Sign up below to join my mailing list to follow my progress.  You don’t want to miss my next post demonstrating how I will use those 30 minutes.

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