Week 1: Success!!! (and struggle)

The key to improvement is focusing on the process, so I am excited to say I succeeded in following my plan last week!  I had 5 or more days of at least 30 minutes of practice.  Monday I worked on myhappy-face_veer_3x4 full swing without a ball, Tuesday was putting, Wednesday was off, Thursday was on the range, 16 holes walking on Friday, 36 holes on Optishot on Saturday, and Sunday off.  I didn’t have the specific short game session, but I had an extra round, which had a ton of short game shots.  Success!

With every success though, comes the struggle.  My round on Friday was bad.  I didn’t record an official score because I wasn’t putting out to get through more holes on a twilight round.  My estimate is a 48 on the front 9.  I missed most of the fairways and all the greens.  The swing wasn’t there, but I know the process will get enough spaced repetition to make the improvements.

Now, time for week 2.  Post any successes you had last week in the comments.

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