About Me

Hi there!  My name is Steven.  Welcome to the about me page.

I became interested in golf about 15 years ago while in college.  My roommate and I decided golf was our new hobby, so we spent a couple days a week one summer at the local driving range.  We became confident enough the following summer to begin playing at our local munis.  From there, my passion grew.  I played as much as any reasonable college student could.  I took my first golf trip to Scottsdale in 2005, and try to play out-of-state a couple times each year.

In 2007, I discovered the US Open was truly open.  Anyone with a handicap of 1.4 and below can play in the local qualifier, so I decided 1.4 was my goal.  I made so much progress during my first few years of golf that I had no idea how difficult near scratch would be.  I was a young idealist when it came to golf.

I graduated college and law school.  My progress slowed.  I got married and have an amazing family with tons of kids’ sports.  My handicap started moving the wrong direction.  I decided now is the time to get back on track to at least single-digits.  I will chronicle my plans and how I maintain a full time job, spend time with family, attend (and usually coach) all my kids’ sports, and get to single-digits.  If I can get it moving in the right direction, anyone can.

I hope everyone enjoys my journey and can learn ways to improve your game as well.  Sign up below to receive the most up to date information on my journey.

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