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Gain Perspective to Stomp Out Apathy

Creating routines is a great start to improving, but we all experience falling off our routine.  The resolution to eat better falls apart Super Bowl weekend when we gorge ourselves on chips, salsa, cheese dip, hot dogs, burgers, and everything else at the party.  Splurging isn’t the problem.  The problem arises the next week.  If I ate everything in sight, I feel terrible and think “what is the point of continuing to eat well if I messed it up?”  That mindset causes us to fall back into bad habits.  I almost fell victim to that phenomenon last week.

Last week was terrible for my routine.  Since creating my off-season routine, I haven’t followed it perfectly, but I generally reach at least 3 days of golf work and a couple days of exercise each week.  My swing isn’t completely leaving me, and I think I will start spring in a better position than last spring.  However, I completely missed the mark last week.  Work became incredibly busy that took away time at night, and I spent no time on golf or exercise.  The bottom fell out.

Work is still busy, and this week started with apathy.  My mind thought the routine is done, so why not just relax with the little time I have.  It is easy to fall into that trap.  The key is to not let 1 bad week prevent me from continuing on the path to success.

The critical steps to not letting the apathy continue is to gain perspective and get started.  Last winter, I did nothing to prepare for the golf season.  I played a round or two when the weather was nice, but I didn’t work on anything inside.  My perspective now must be that anything I do now makes a difference.  Getting back to the full routine is not necessary to improve.  Anything more than last year is improvement.  Doubt creeps in, but the key is to catch that thought and realize an improvement perspective is what matters.

After regaining perspective, do something.  This week, I am not perfectly back on my routine.  However, I spent a little time on the full swing taking shots.  Not perfect, but I did something.  Gaining steam to combat apathy makes a difference.  We all know it is easier to continue a trend.  My trend will be to reintegrate practice on the schedule.  I get a new opportunity every day to have fun with golf.  I plan to take that opportunity.

Last week didn’t go as planned.  I will not let that keep me from improving this week.  Every day is a new day.  Keep coming back to see my progress.  Post on Facebook and Tweet out my article to help others get back on track!

Discover Some of Golf’s Emerging Technology

Golf Channel cuts away and on the TV someone screams “BOOM!” The next 30 seconds make you feel like your golf game couldn’t live without the product on the screen.  Every famous golf instructor sells something during the commercials.  Are any of the products worth it?  I have no idea, but I did find some interesting newer products to check out that could help your game.


IOFIT Golf Shoes:

This is an interesting product. Shoes that measure lower body movement to help become more efficient.  Sean Foley, among many others, states the golf swing starts from the ground up.  These shoes look like they could help immensely.  Information overload may happen, but I always want more info.  They already hit their funding goal on kickstarter.  You can check them out here:


Copy Me Golf:

Sports psychologists talk about visualizing shots and success. The more the subconscious sees an action, the easier the action is to repeat.  Copy Me Golf created a FREE iPhone app using that theory.  You download the app and either use one of the golf models in their library or load in your own video.  The instructions have you watch a swing repeated 30 times to music.  They encourage using a VR box to focus better.  The designers indicate watching the correct movements will subconsciously transition our swings to the model.  Copy Me Golf says Olympic Swimmers use similar technology.  For free, I definitely plan on trying it.  I will even splurge for the $10 VR box from Amazon.  Here is the info:


Ultra Base Systems:

Do you want a backyard putting green without excavating everything? I want a backyard green, but I have unique access issues.  I scoured the internet for ideas to build my own putting green, and UBS looks like a great option.  The system is a series of interlocking base units that turf attaches to.  They manufacture artificial turf with a few premade designs under pro putt systems and tour links.  However, you can use any turf with the bases.  This looks like a reasonable DIY project.  Check it out:


Pocket Bunker:

Everyone wants to get up and down from the sand. However, most people don’t have the means to practice often.  Pocket Bunker attempts to solve that problem.  The designers are fully funded on Indiegogo, and the product is intriguing.  More practice would be helpful, and this looks like it could help.  Info is here:


If you see any good technology or infomercials, add them to the comments. Enjoy a great round this weekend!