Current Handicap

The best way to improve is to focus on the process, but we all want to know whether the process is working.  I will keep everyone updated on my current handicap trend and analysis from  The most recent projection results are on top.  I will keep the handicap updated as it updates on their site.

HCP 7-22 2
HCP Progression

Cap Picture




As you can see, my handicap increased since the beginning of the year.  However, comparing the last 20 scores that go into the calculations below, my best scores from 2 years ago are falling off.  My current handicap is probably close to a good beginning.  My last 5 scores are also averaging a decrease, which is good.

HCP 7-22
HCP 3-30

I will continue to update my progress.  Sign up below to stay updated on my journey to the ultimate prize of singe-digits.


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